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FOX Business
Aug 4, 2013 12:00am EDT
category for his eldest in texas and it is heartbreaking. john: now the most controversial whether myth i am told extreme weather is gettg worse because of global warming. >> not just the raging fires and more powerful storms. john: what will wedo? the author of "high tide on main street" oceanograpr john englander also climatologist pat michaels from the cato institute. should i be so scared as the presidensuggests? >> it is so twentieth century. in the last tenures forecast of global warming has begun to calme down we are seeing sensitivity temperature being reduced by 40 percent with the new climate models. be old models were too hot to that is recognized. john: that is 40 percent less but if weather is worse that is a problem. >> with care hurricanes hurricanes, tornadoes, they don't show the signals they are supposed to. there is a thg about the billion dollar disters they are going up but what you have to do is take the edge damage and adjusted for gdp and inflation and is simply has no trend was however. john: that peopl snd more ? >> there's more stuff in the way. john: you
FOX Business
Aug 18, 2013 12:00am EDT
ours. be able to keep stuff creates a temptation to get stuff. a district attory's office in and texas bought the office margherita machine. "the new yorker" reports in texas police stop people for a roine traffic violations and if they haae money with them sometimestake them to a jail until they agree to give their money to the city and if they resist because they have kids of the car they will threaten to take the kids away turnover to child protective services. in cells like extortion. use of the port perturb lot is growing in 20 years ago the justice department collected 27 million but last year they grabbed more than $4 billion worth. government always grows. one last example from my town the police chief department did great job reducing crime but it grows even the stupidest ways. >> this is the scene near wall street where one year ago during the occupy wall street protest barricades were placed around a sculpture of the wall street bull and police officers were stationed here. >> had to put up the barricades to protect him. >> they had to? know they didn't. it is ridiculous it
FOX News
Aug 4, 2013 7:00pm PDT
1900, 8,000 deaths in the united states, so that was a category 4 storm. hit galveston, texas, just heartbreaking. >> thank you, maria. now the most controversial weather myth. i'm told extreme weather is getting worse because of global warming. >> none can avoid the devastating impact of raging fires and crippling drought and more powerful storms. >> raging fires, drought, more powerful storms. what are we going to do? well, let's ask the author of "high tide on main street, rising sea level and the coming coastal crisis." that's oceanographer john englander, and let's ask climatologist pat michaels of the cato institute. pat, should i be so scared as the president suggests? >> that's so 20th century. what's happened in the last ten years is global warming, particularly in the last two years, have begun to come down. we're seeing so-called sensitivity of temperature being reduced by 40% in the new climate model. >> that means we're going to live. >> the old climate models predicted. >> the old climate models were too hot. that's finally being recognized. >> so it's 40% less, so if
FOX Business
Aug 24, 2013 9:00pm EDT
texas on candy or fast food. >> how do you define a fast-food you can go to mcdonald's or you can order a big mac. you will bet the lobbyists will make the rules. >> john: they have a problem with the candy tax. they decided this hershey bar is taxable candy b this one isn't because it contains flour. store clerks don't know what to charge. >> flour, sugar and eggs and salt. >> her dessert won an award. >> don't you think are poisoning people? you are making everybody fat. >> no, a little fat and sugar, what would life be. >> we asked her to make donuts? >> it has no sugar and no salt and very little fat. it's fried and baked how different it can be without all the good stuff. >> john: egg whites, thats good. >> it's good but not like egg yokes. >> john: let's try a taste test. we got a healthy donut and regular donut. everybody liked the regular dough in and out nutd center. >> john: how about the other one? >> not as good. >> john: i wanted to like the healthy donut. it's like eating bread. >> not what i'm looking for. >> some people did like the healthier version? >> it's good
FOX News
Aug 24, 2013 12:00pm PDT
. hood, texas, nearly four years ago. but as heinous as his crimes are, death sentences are pretty rare in the u.s. military, if he gets the ultimate sentence, he would join only five other soldiers on death row, some who have been on death row for many, many years. and, no american soldier has been executed since 1961. hard to believe. >>> mercedes joins us, fox news legal analyst and richard st. paul and also former member of the u.s. army jag unit. the judge edadvocate. prosecutors on monday are going to call 19 witnesses and family members of those who died, who were murdered. it appears, though, they are trying to prove one of the aggravating factors, which would seem self-evident. they have to prove one of the two. multiple victims, more than one. 13 here, not to mention all those injured. and the killing of a military officer or law enforcement official here. i mean, the aggravating factor should be a slam dunk, shouldn't they? >> without a doubt. also with aggravating you have mitigating factors. the aggravating factors goes into how he murdered them in cold blood. >> what mitig
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)